Accurate Forecasts for Your Transport Business

We minimise delays, disruptions, optimise your transport capacity and costs. With our own artificial intelligence models, we create high-quality applied forecasts.

We will Help You Tackle Challenges in Transportation and Infrastructure:

  • Reliable current local and global weather forecasts and severe weather alerts will help you plan better, increase transport efficiency, and enhance safety.
  • Specific forecasts such as overhead line equipment (OHLE), frost, surface temperatures, adhesion, and specific risk forecasts.
  • Weather forecasts for defined routes and map layers for easy visualisation.
  • Map layers for easy weather visualisation.

Meteorological Services for Transport Companies - Roads and Railways

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    Significant Weather for Road and Rail Transport

    Reliable and localised forecasts of significant weather enable effective planning. We help minimise delays, disruptions, or transport capacity issues, ultimately reducing costs. Our outputs can be customised to specific requirements and easily integrated into the client's existing solution.

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    Line Weather Forecast with Specific Parameters

    We can provide reliable input for decision-making systems for any location worldwide. Our outputs can include specific parameters such as surface temperatures, special precipitation parameters, information on adhesion, overhead wires, etc. The forecasts are monitored by our experienced meteorologists.

Do you want to reduce costs and streamline your transportation business? Contact us, and we'll assist you.

We Provide Data That Benefits Your Business.

We create unique models and provide transport companies with precisely tailored signals that help their business, increase safety, and reduce costs. We can help you too.

Examples of Summary Indicators:

  • Indicator of significant weather risk along the route
  • Indicator of demand for transportation services
  • Indicator of operational efficiency
  • Indicators for optimising transportation costs

...and more.

Our clients

Why Choose Our Services?

  • Flexibility


    Our models can learn on your data in order to capture specifics of your location.

  • Professionalism


    Our AI engineers will help you with your problem.

  • Innovation and technology background

    Innovation and technology background

    Data are updated every 10 minutes based on the latest information. Hyperlocal weather forecasts.

  • Experience


    We have been helping our customers for over 15 years.

  • Quality


    Our extensive database of past weather combined with accurate local forecasts creates an immense advantage for applied modeling.

  • Affordable prices

    Affordable prices