Tailored Predictions for Your Business

Gain comprehensive insights for your corporate decision-making. We create applied predictive models using machine learning, our extensive knowledge and expertise, and a unique combination of data – helping you enhance your company's efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. Our outputs are tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Save costs for your business
  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Automate your decision-making processes
  • Measure the impact of weather on your operations and overall business
  • Minimise risks and delays for you

Our clients

How can we help you:

Forecasts for the Energy Sector

Forecasts for the Energy Sector

  • Predict demand and production for you
  • Accurate weather for energy trading
  • Forecast risk and uncertainty levels
Weather for Insurance and Risk Management

Weather for Insurance and Risk Management

  • Timely warnings for you and your clients regarding hazardous weather
  • Efficient processing of insurance events
  • Have control over the risks of meteorological events
Forecasts for Logistics and Retail

Forecasts for Logistics and Retail

  • Deliver a unique competitive advantage to you
  • Help you better target your customers and understand their behaviour
  • Apply models that help you maximise profits
Weather for Agriculture

Weather for Agriculture

  • Minimise crop losses for you
  • Enhance your operations' efficiency
  • Assist you in automating your processes
Weather for Construction

Analyses and Forecasts for Optimisation in Construction

  • Minimise losses and delays for you
  • Alert you to dangerous weather and its potential impact on your business
  • Optimise your construction planning and related activities
Weather for Transportation

Optimisation for Transportation

  • Optimise your route planning
  • Alert you to dangerous weather and its potential impact on your business
  • Enhance the efficiency and safety of your operations

We bring data that helps your business.

We work with extensive data to generate signals that benefit your business. Weather and all its crucial elements influence customers worldwide every day. We will help you in better managing and forecasting your customers.

Examples of Summarised Indicators:

  • Demand indicators
  • Cost-saving indicators
  • Indicators of advertising campaign effectiveness and customer shopping behaviour
  • Indicators of significant weather risk
  • Engagement indicator in the online environment
  • Sales indicators for selected products
  • Accurate data for optimal production


Contact us, and we will gladly provide more information about our services and how we can assist you.

B2B Meteorology and Machine Learning

Cooperating with us is beneficial for you.

We are a meteorological-technology company. We are enthusiasts about data, weather, and above all, innovative solutions. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in meteorology and machine learning. We have the technical background and a completely unique product that provides you with precisely the signals your business needs.

  • Flexibility


    Our models can learn on your data in order to capture specifics of your location.

  • Professionalism


    Our AI engineers will help you with your problem.

  • Innovation and technology background

    Innovation and technology background

    Data are updated every 10 minutes based on the latest information. Hyperlocal weather forecasts.

  • Experience


    We have been helping our customers for over 15 years.

  • Quality


    Our extensive database of past weather combined with accurate local forecasts creates an immense advantage for applied modeling.

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