Weather is the Second Most Significant Factor Influencing Customer Behavior

Gain advantages for your company through our experience and know-how.

We will Help You With:

  • Increasing sales and maximizing profits through our predictions - e.g., for price adjustments and ad optimization
  • Tailored modeling to support operational planning
  • Data and Analytics - discover how weather affects your sales and find new business opportunities and customers
  • Push notifications for precise local weather information that impacts your business

How We Help in Business and Services

Modeling for Operational Planning

Modeling for Operational Planning

High-quality meteorological data and our experience with machine learning models will help streamline operational planning influenced not only by the weather. We can assist in predicting customer behaviour and their shopping moods, workforce requirements in operations, and overall sales. Our data and forecasts will help you uncover the potential of new technologies and reduce costs.
Professional Analyses

Professional Analyses

We will help you evaluate the impact of weather on your activities. Our analyses will effectively support campaign planning, targeted customer engagement, product distribution, inventory needs, and resource utilisation planning. We will assist you in increasing sales and profits. There is generally a strong correlation between weather and demand or willingness to pay for goods and services. Utilize our unique analyses for your business.

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We Provide Data That Benefits Your Business.

We create unique business and demand models and provide you with precisely tailored signals that help your business.

Examples of Summary Indicators:

  • Indicator of customer mood and purchasing behaviour
  • Indicator of product sales performance
  • Indicators of campaign effectiveness and active optimization
  • Indicator of online engagement

...and more.

Our clients

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    Experience in modelling weather-dependent activities

    We have been helping our customers for a long time to know a great deal about how to structure our outputs. However, every activity depends on weather in a different way and we are ready for new challenges.

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    Hyperlocal data

    Our large database of past weather combined with accurate local forecasts creates an immense advantage for applied modelling.

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    We can prepare specialised outputs directly for your marketing department and for your strategic decision-making.