Personalised Marketing Based on Aggregate Data on Shopping Sentiment and Weather

Gain advantages for your company through our expertise and know-how.

We will assist you with:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across various channels
  • Personalised advertising based on aggregate data on shopping sentiment and weather
  • Automating advertising campaigns from newsletters to PPC
  • Optimally allocating advertising expenses

How We Help in Marketing

We can uniquely personalise your adverts

We can uniquely personalise your adverts

Personalised ads bring a unique competitive advantage compared to regular advertising campaigns. Up to 60% of customers prefer companies that use personalised advertising campaigns. We can precisely target ads to the customers who make sense. We can target ads based on shopping sentiment and weather. We can configure everything within your advertising system and fully automate it. We know when a customer feels ready to make a purchase, and we know when they are distracted by external influences. We know when it's most relevant to display a specific ad to them and when that ad has the highest ROI. Personalise your ads with us in newsletters, PPC ads, paid and organic ads on social media, or even banners on your website.
Professional Analyses

Professional Analyses

Predictions of views, blog readership, newsletter click-through rates, advertising expenses, and more. We help you evaluate the impact of weather on your ads, and what's more, we help you optimise your campaigns within the advertising system to ensure that every penny spent brings more than before. Our predictions based on your customers' shopping behavior and aggregate weather data will significantly improve your marketing decisions.

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We create data and analysis that will help your business.

We create unique business and demand models and provide you with exactly the signals that benefit your business.

Examples of Aggregate Indicators:

  • Indicator of customer sentiment and shopping behaviour
  • Indicator of sales performance for selected products
  • Indicators of advertising campaign effectiveness and active optimisation
  • Indicator of engagement in the online environment

...and more.

Our clients

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    Experience in modelling weather-dependent activities

    We have been helping our customers for a long time to know a great deal about how to structure our outputs. However, every activity depends on weather in a different way and we are ready for new challenges.

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    Hyperlocal data

    Our large database of past weather combined with accurate local forecasts creates an immense advantage for applied modelling.

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    We can prepare specialised outputs directly for your marketing department and for your strategic decision-making.